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AB 392

CHP Officer Andre Moye Jr. – EOW 08/12/2019

What’s New In Blue: Coffee with a Cop

Thoughts and Ideas for an Active Shooter Event – Coach Blauer

God Bless El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH

JULY 2019

Law Enforcement and Facebook Stories

What’s New in Blue – Interdiction for the Protection of Children

LAPD Officer Esmeralda Ramirez – RIP

Traffic Stops are Never Routine

Staying in the Fight – Capt. Dalton

JUNE 2019

What’s New in Blue – Preventing Heart Attacks

In Memoriam: Officer Tara O’Sullivan

DRE’s are Risking Their Safety With This Ancient Habit

MAY 2019

Military Tribute

Police Candlelight Vigil – May 13, 2019

Police Week: Honor the Fallen by Training the Living

APRIL 2019

Thin Blue Line Tribute – Circa 2016

Police Wife Finds Hidden Letter Husband Wrote Before He Was Killed

Rest In Peace – CHP Sgt. Steve Licon

Top Training Reads – PoliceOne


MARCH 2019

The Weight of the Badge – George Strait

Resource: The Wounded Blue

Rapid Response: 7 Key Takeaways from the New Zealand Mosque Attacks

New Life K9 Service Dogs

Officer Falls Unresponsive on Traffic Stop After Drug Exposure

Throwback Thursday – Rare Footage LASD 1938

Inattentional or Change Blindness


Blauer Tactical

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car – Courtesy of PoliceLink


Atascadero Police Department

Officer Natalie Corona – EOW January 10, 2019

National LE Appreciation Day, Jan 9


R.I.P. Corporal Ronil Singh

K9 Bane – Tulare PD – EOW 12/09/2018

77 Years Ago Today..

Helus Lager


R.I.P. Officer Toshio Hirai

Deputy Tony Hinostroza – EOW 11/25/2018

Good Reminder to Have a Plan

Agency Resource – Legal Updates

Officers Need Assistance – Paradise PD

Sergeant Ron Helus – HERO

The Power of the People


21 Foot Principle Clarified

POST – Domestic Violence Update Center

Hero911 – When Seconds Save Lives

RESOURCE: Law Enforcement Officer Safety Toolkit

CAPTO Welcomes Use of Force Advisor, Deputy Ed Obayashi

CAPTO Welcomes Training Trends Advisor, Missy O’Linn

Resource: Law Enforcement Legal Center – AELE


Rest in Peace Deputy Stasyuk and Officer Reyes

9/11 Never Forget – God Bless the USA!

Honor the Fallen by Training the Living

JUNE 2018

Officer Basurto Needs Assistance

Donate to Help the Family of Sgt. Lehr

APRIL 2018

Remembering Newhall – Linked to LinkedIn and PoliceOne

How Are You Training? – Linked to Calibre Press..

It’s All About Mindset – Linked to PoliceOne

MARCH 2018

Donate to help the family of Deputy Ryan Zirkle

RIP Officer Greggory Casillas


An Open Letter

JANUARY    2018

On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

Officer Safety – Fentanyl

DECEMBER    2017

You Are Not Alone!

LODD:  CHP Officer Andrew Camilleri

Merry Christmas!

Officer Safety – Electrical Emergencies

Thank You to WWII Veterans

Project Bluelight

NOVEMBER    2017

A Thanksgiving Proclamation

A Call to Support Santa Rosa PD

A Salute to Veterans

OCTOBER    2017

CAPTO – A New Beginning