About Us




The California Association of Police Training Officers (CAPTO), a state-wide organization, evolved from an informal group of Training Officers who began meeting in 1959 to share instructional ideas, knowledge and materials of common interest and concerns.

The geography of the State of California made a single group/single meeting place approach unworkable, so the state was divided into three primary CAPTO regions; Northern, Central and Southern. Each region elected a Board of Directors annually and monthly meetings were held.

Growth in certain areas and geographical conditions dictated further subdivision, and fast-forward to 2017, CAPTO now mirrors the 10 regions of POST.  Each region is responsible for electing a President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The regions hold quarterly meetings and rotate responsibility for hosting CAPTO Training Manager’s Workshops and CAPTO-sponsored Specialized Training.

An Executive Director coordinates inter-regional CAPTO business, assists the regional boards as needed, keeps general membership and recruiting records, and maintains the CAPTO website. In addition, the organization has a State Fiscal Officer and Secretary.

Our Objectives

  • To continually upgrade law enforcement training by exchange of knowledge, ideas, techniques and other areas of mutual concern or interest in the police training community.
  • To support legislation considered to be beneficial to police training, education or officer safety in the State of California.
  • To provide coordination in development of police training programs which may qualify for state, federal or private financial support, sponsorship or other means of implementation.
  • To practice and encourage cooperation between law enforcement agencies, member associations and other public or private sector entities which provide (or benefit from) effective law enforcement training.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to meetings in your region.
  • Access to the annual Training Manager’s Update Conference or Novice Training Manager’s Workshop.
  • Access to specialized training sponsored by CAPTO.
  • A chance to network with CAPTO Training Officers state-wide, including access to a state-wide CAPTO membership roster.