Thoughts and Ideas for an Active Shooter Event – Coach Blauer


I genuinely hope this helps.

The ideas I share are the big pieces of the puzzle. You still need to work out the steps and polish them.

If I were building a scenario inspired drill sequence I would break each skill into a small chunk and analyze that and work on that.

Next, I would overlay the intersections, make them come together.

After that, I would add speed and fluidity to it.

Review all the stages I showed on the video and then put together a scenario in your mind: gunshots, proximity, fear spike, download your options (escape, barricade, engage the threat).

After you’ve visualized them start doing them in real-time. When you can grab a training partner. Change up the distance. Change the obstacles (car, furniture, people, etc.)

Using the ideas I showed in the video, here’s what I might design:

I would:

  • Flinch, duck
  • grab an improvised weapon, whip it at the threat
  • charge, smash, grab the gun
  • continue to suppress the danger
  • and so on.

Can you visualize that? Does that make sense?

If you find value please share it. It may help reduce fear, stop a threat or help a loved one. At a minimum, if more people start thinking about what they’d do they will respond sooner.

Stay safe out there. And don’t forget the medical. As soon as you can, learn more about ways to stop bleeding.

Stay safe,

Coach Blauer

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