Law Enforcement And Facebook Stories


Facebook Stories Is The Key For Law Enforcement In 2019 

With this being said, Facebook is witnessing explosive use by users of their Stories feature. In fact, the hard numbers don’t lie; Over 300 MILLION people use the feature every day. 

What’s even more interesting is the business world and public safety content creators (that’s you) are not using stories. We’re still just pushing out the content as regular posts. Posts which are getting buried by posts from family and friends, and paid advertisers. Unless a user has selected to see your posts first in their newsfeed and turned on notifications, your posts are probably getting buried.

While writing this article, we noticed the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection had posted to their Facebook Stories, and their avatar (profile image or logo) remained at the top of our Facebook mobile feed for a few days. This grabbed our attention and also proved what Facebook was talking about, and what this article is all about. (CLICK ABOVE LINK FOR FULL ARTICLE.)

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