Staying in the Fight – Capt. Dalton



by Holly Matkin

Elijah Collins’ attack on Sugarcreek Police Captain Brian Dalton was captured on bodycam.

Sugarcreek, OH – Bodycam footage captured the horrifying moment when a semi-truck driver stabbed a Sugarcreek police officer in the neck with a screwdriver during a traffic stop last week (video below).

The altercation occurred outside TMK Farm Service at approximately 10 a.m. on June 26, after 32-year-old Elijah Collins pulled his semi-truck into an area where trucks are prohibited.

Collins damaged property in the process, according to the Times Reporter.

Bodycam footage showed Sugarcreek Police Captain Brian Dalton, 37, as he issued Collins a citation for criminal mischief.

Collins was sitting in the cab of his truck, recording Capt. Dalton with his cell phone, as the interaction occurred.

The truck driver was initially calm as the captain explained how to handle the citation.

Capt. Dalton then asked Collins to provide the last four digits of his Social Security number.

“I don’t know it. Why?” Collins replied.

The captain asked Collins to provide a phone number where he could be reached, but Collins claimed he didn’t have one.

Capt. Dalton ultimately asked the truck driver for his signature as acknowledgement that he had received the citation, but Collins refused to comply.

“It’s not an admission of guilt, just an acknowledgement of receipt,” the officer tried to explain.

“No. No,” Collins muttered. “I’m not signing anything.”

As Capt. Dalton attempted to provide the suspect with the time and date of his mandatory court appearance, Collins became even more defiant.

“I’m not doing it,” he told the captain, as he reached towards the inner panel of the open door of his truck cab.

Collins suddenly lunged out of the truck with a screwdriver in his hand, and jumped onto the officer standing below, bodycam footage showed.

The suspect stabbed the screwdriver into Capt. Dalton’s neck during the brutal attack that ensued, and the captain yelled out just before a rapid series of gunshots rang out.

Collins was fatally struck by at least one of the officer’s bullets, according to the Times Reporter.

Capt. Dalton was rushed to Summa Akron City Hospital by helicopter, where he remained in intensive care for two days, TUSCO TV reported.

The eight-year veteran-of-the-force has since been released from the hospital, and is expected to make a full recovery, Sugarcreek Police Chief Kevin Kaser told the Times Reporter.

Chief Kaser said that Capt. Dalton’s use of deadly force was justified, and he commended the captain for remaining professional throughout the course of the traffic stop.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is handling the ongoing investigation into the fatal officer-involved shooting.


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