CAPTO Welcomes Deputy Ed Obayashi – Use of Force Advisor

I am proud to announce another new addition to CAPTO, Use of Force Advisor, Deputy Ed Obayashi.  Dep. Obayashi is a highly sought-after media resource for UOF issues and incidents.  I look forward to sharing with the CAPTO members his invaluable insight and I would like to personally thank him for sharing his knowledge for the benefit of our membership!  – CHESSON

California State BAR

Speaker Biography (2018) – Ed Obayashi

 Ed Obayashi is the sole officially designated peace officer who serves concurrently as legal advisor for California law enforcement.  Ed has served as a police officer and deputy sheriff and legal advisor/consultant for multiple California police and sheriff agencies. He currently serves as Deputy Sheriff/Policy Advisor for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and in this role for other California law enforcement agencies.  He is a former special prosecutor as well as a former deputy public defender. Ed is a nationally prominent expert in Use of Force and Police Practices, and Police Ethics.

 In 2014, Ed was selected by the U.S. State Department and the Mexico Federal Police as the keynote speaker representing the United States at the international Internal Affairs Investigations and Use of Force conferences in Mexico City.  Ed recently represented California law enforcement as an expert speaker on Ethics of Emerging Police Technologies at the California State BAR conference on Law Enforcement Use of Force and Public Liability.

 Ed is a Subject Matter Expert for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) in Use of Force, Policing Ethics, and other police disciplines and provides official legal training to all law enforcement officers throughout California. He is a POST instructor for law enforcement liability issues for new Training Managers.  Ed is also a POST certified expert and instructor in Force Conflicts Sciences and is the only certified instructor for POST’s Advanced Internal Affairs Investigations course which addresses human physiology in analyzing Police Use of Force.  Ed develops and presents official state law enforcement training videos focusing on Use of Force issues, including de-escalation tactics and other police disciplines. 

He is a published legal authority and a distinguished legal MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) lecturer in these subjects for district attorneys, county counsels, city attorneys, and the criminal defense agencies.  Ed conducts independent investigations of Use of Force incidents for law enforcement agencies, prosecution agencies, and law enforcement defense groups. Ed is a widely cited national and international media consultant for practical and legal commentary on Use of Force and Police Practices. 

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