POST Training Manager Symposium 2020

POST 2020 Training Manager Symposium Survey – COMPLETE BY JAN 15

POST will be hosting a Training Manager Symposium in 2020 and would appreciate your input on topics you would like to learn more about.  Please complete this survey to assist us in making this the best symposium possible. 

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Training Class Profile

Science of Wellness is a brand new 8-hour POST certified class. The class is co-taught by Kim Turner and Dr. Michelle Lilly Kim Turner is a Communications Administrator and researcher related to stress and wellness in the 9-1-1 community. Michelle is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in trauma in the first responder community. She is also the author of numerous research studies designed specifically to understand stress and trauma in 9-1-1 dispatch.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the personal and organizational performances for the next generation of  public safety 9-1-1 first responders.

Our Vision

We integrate sworn and civilian professional standards to create holistic and organic learning environments through critical thinking and thoughtful questioning.  Our facilitation methods create rich learning environments where our students thrive by positively participating in the journey to seek understanding, growth, and professional development.  


Our Goals

Our goals are for individuals and organizations to thrive by challenging the status quo in a respectful and rewarding way.  We work with the most renowned agencies in the world, small one-seat operations, and every size between. Our training and consultation services are appropriate for dispatch, professional and sworn staff.

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