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In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its impact on law enforcement and other first responders, the National Police Foundation (NPF), in collaboration with the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation and Esri, has developed a real-time COVID-19 situational awareness tool for law enforcement agencies. The tool, featuring a real-time dashboard, provides critical insights for executives, commanders, administrators and other decision-makers to better assess and monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our nation’s first responders, including officer exposures, diagnoses, workforce impacts, and personal protective equipment (PPE) needs and projections.
The interactive tool allows agencies to provide confidential, real-time updates that are instantly incorporated into the national dashboard and map. The dashboard identifies:

  • number of officers exposed
  • number of officers officially tested with a positive diagnosis
  • number of officers placed in off-duty status due to exposure
  • number of officers that are self-isolating due to symptoms or off-duty exposure

The dashboard also estimates the availability of necessary PPE, the most critical PPE that agencies are lacking, and current and projected shortages of PPE.

Basic EOC Training Materials 


One of the many challenges facing all jurisdictions during the COVID-19 response is the ongoing need to staff Emergency Operations Centers and other coordination centers with trained personnel. We are all facing long-term sustained operations with no outside relief anticipated.

Cal OES and the California Specialized Training Institute recognize that jurisdictions at every level have an immediate need to train new staff to build their EOC cadres. To help you meet that need, we have placed basic EOC training materials online. These materials can be downloaded and used by your own experienced staff to provide initial training for new EOC assignees.

We are also working to develop interactive online courses that individuals can access directly and complete at their convenience. We will announce those as soon as they are available.

Available Materials Based Courses:

To create an account in the CSTI LMS:

1. Visit CSTI.ORG or Click the green register button on the center of the screen.
2. Follow the on screen instructions to set up your account.

To login to the LMS:

1. Visit CSTI.ORG
2. Click the purple Login button center of the screen. On the Login Page enter the e-mail and password you used to register.

To locate the Materials Based courses within the CSTI LMS:

LMS Front page Menu Browse for training highlighted
LMS Browse for training page - Filter by Materials Based Courses Icon highlighted
Browse for training filtered selections highlighted. CSTI Finance and Admin training highlighted.
Training details section. Launch button highlighted.
blank window with course PDF download icon at bottom highlighted.
Transcript page. CSTI Finance and Admin course with mark complete button highlighted.

1. Use the LMS home menu to navigate to MENU > CSTI Courses > Browse for Training

2. Select the small document icon to filter Materials Based Courses.

3. Select the Materials Based Training you wish to take.

4. Select Launch

5. A new blank window will open, and the download of the document will be shown below. (Your browser may show a slightly different view). Once downloaded, click the small arrow icon and choose “open”. The Power Point will open.

6. To complete the course and receive a completion certificate navigate to your LMS Transcript and Mark Complete.
Menu > Home > Universal Profile – Use Mark Complete Button next to materials based course name.

7. These presentations can be downloaded by any user.

Register for CSTI Courses: Visit the Learning Management System and create an account. Click the green “Register” button located on the center of the screen, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account. 

Browse for training: Login to the Learning Management System. On the top menu bar select “CSTI Courses” then “Browse for Training” and search or filter results to find available courses.

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Training Class Profile

Savage Training Group

Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement & Special Relationships ®

A training course for law enforcement officers and supervisors.

  • Over 3 1/2 hours of HD instructional video
  • 11 Chapters with 39 individual segments
  • A 3-page decision-making guide
  • Access to our confidential collection of non-criminal barricade policies

If you are like a lot of law enforcement professionals you’ve considered these questions:

  1. What should officers do with a suicidal person alone in their own home who refuses to exit?
  2. Do officers have a legal duty to take action to try to save the subject from harming themselves?
  3. When is it appropriate to disengage from a non-criminal barricaded suspect and will officers be found liable if the subject harms a third party?

The way law enforcement officers respond to a mentally ill person in crisis is a topic of intense debate. In this Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships ® course, we’ll first answer each of those questions and discuss the relevant laws about liability and the “special relationship” doctrine. In high-definition video, Instructor Scott Savage will examine several case studies, some which resulted in the agency being found liable and some where the agency was not. You’ll watch dramatic videos from actual incidents, all with a facilitated discussion and expert commentary. You’ll learn the modern tactics your agency can use to both limit liability and prevent a violent confrontation.

Each student will receive:

  1. A downloadable decision making cheat sheet to help guide your decision making regarding when to engage, disengage and re-engage.
  2. Access to our collection of policies and best practices from progressive police agencies. You are going to walk away with the “industry standard” information.
  3. Upon completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

The in-person version of our Response to the Non-Criminal Barricade: Disengagement and Special Relationships ® course was so popular, we created this special online training version to make sure every officer can access this information. We haven’t left anything out. Register for this course and you’ll receive everything we have on this important subject.

Registration is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers.

Your instructor, Scott Savage, is a recognized expert in the response to non-criminal barricades. Scott is an experienced law enforcement officer who has not only commanded these types of incidents in the field, but also trains officers all over California and beyond on how to do the same. His study of the subject has included gathering best practices from agencies both in and outside of California. Scott is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about bringing this important information to the law enforcement community.


Will I receive California POST credit by attending this online course? Sorry, no. For CA POST credit please attend one of our in-person training courses scheduled in California.

Do you offer group pricing for multiple officers to attend this online course? Absolutely. What a great way to get all your officers trained. Please contact us at so we can assist you.

Apply for Active Membership