Two of CAPTO’s main objectives:


1.)   Continually upgrade police training in California by the exchange of materials, ideas, knowledge, techniques and other resources.


2.)  Foster cooperation between agencies and associations committed to the professionalization of law enforcement.

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Training Class Profile

Chain of Custody has a very unique and simple philosophy:

What sets us (Chain Of Custody) apart is that we work in the industry. We are the boots on the ground, line- working instructors familiar with trends, processes and the actual day to day operations a modern\ property bureau.  We have seen property evidence storage expand from the size of a supply closet with hand written evidence tags to overwhelming warehouses utilizing state of the art technologies to book, track, store and dispo evidence electronically. Just as Law Enforcement has evolved over the years, so too has the Property Evidence Industry. We are in the Modern Evidence Room Era where DNA plays a significant part in crime solving, digital media is incredibly diverse, safekeeping bulk property is more abundant than ever and there’s this little inconvenience called Fentanyl that can sneak up on you when nobody’s looking.  We must work smarter, more efficiently and maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity of any of our department’s divisions.

TRAIN – Learn and master the Flowchart of Evidence Management.

MAINTAIN – Continue to follow legislative changes that affect your duties.

SELF-DEVELOP – Always strive to be above reproach and reflect positively on your unit and department.

LEADERSHIP – Once you have mastered the above, the leadership will come in time.

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